Furniture & Upholstery Cleaning

PROCLEAN carries out a detailed procedure to clean your furniture. An initial test to your fabric will determine what chemicals and cleaning methods should be applied on your upholstery or furniture.  Afterwards, a protective spill proof and dirt repellent is applied.  The process it takes to dry your upholstery or furniture is between 3 to 4 hours guaranteed. All furniture fibers maintain completely neutralized and sanitized without acid or alkaline residue.  We also use chemicals to remove stains made from pens or markers, makeup, rust, blood, coffee, gum, etc.

We also wash micro fibers such as cotton and rayon or any other synthetic or natural fabric with the exception of silk.  PROCLEAN can treat your leather furniture by using the safest techniques and with the best products available on the market.  We will restore each piece of furniture and revive it with a fresh new appearance.

We serve residential, commercial and industrial areas.

Fabric and leather furniture cleaning.

Fabric and leather furniture cleaning.

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